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Brent Bruns


Born in St. Cloud, MN


Grew up in Annandale, MN


I Build/Support Voice Networks and Call Centers 





I presently own and fly a Powered Parachute.


I saw someone flying a Gyro at a Powered Parachute fly-in on 6/20/08, I was intrigued. I took 30+ pictures of the plane, and said to myself, this I have to do.


I contacted the PRA, they told me that MN chapter 17 was trying to get re-started and the next thing I knew, I was in the company of many more people interested in Gyros


I have not flown in a Gyro as of yet. I am very close to finishing the construction of a Hornet, ultralight and hope to be starting lessons very soon.


I plan to spend a while getting proficient with my single place ultralight, then possibly step up to an N- Numbered plane. Who knows from there, a 2 Seat Gyro, maybe a tractor Gyro or even a Helicopter?


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