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Cal and his shop









Cal  Wendlandt

I was born in New Ulm, Minn in 1947


Mainly grew up north of Stewart, Minn


After graduating worked as welder in Hutchinson and Litchfield.


Began going to night classes when the Hutch Vo-Tech started.


Moved from the welding Dept and began working as a metal fabricator and kept going to night classes.


Then got asked to work as a detailer in the Engineering Dept. kept going to night classes.


 From detailing I worked my way up to Layout Draftsman and kept going to night classes.


Having worked as a welder and metal fabricator as well as going to night classes for lathe operation and vertical mill operation. It gave me a leg up on others that did not have that backround. It made designing products and parts that were makable on the production floor.


I kept going to night school for hydraulics and AC/DC electronics.


I was then moved up to Design Engineer, supervising other draftsman on projects.


I took flying lessons not because I wanted a flying license but to learn what there was to learn about flying a plane. As well as dealing with air traffic control.


Growing up in high school I was a motor head. Always working on a motor or car.


I enjoy working with others to get the project done, no matter what the project.


I formed several non profit, member operated organizations which still operate to this day.


I am what some would call “Jack of all trades/a master of non”.


Gyros have interested me since I was in Junior High and I read about it in the popular mechanics magazine. Scraped up a few bucks and sent off for plans and info. When I received it in the mail, my dad asked what I wanted with that.


In the past couple of years I belong to an RC airplane club with their own flying field 20 miles from my home. Again a great bunch of guys, some fantastic machines and very interesting.


Have been married to my wife forever, have two adult sons. My oldest does non destructive metal testing and inspection work and now supervises a crew of inspectors and is head of his own dept. He has been sent all over the U.S. in the past years.


My younger son drives a semi truck and unlike my oldest, he enjoys the solitude of working by himself. And showing his boss, tell me what has to get done and when and then go away and let me do it.


My sons grew up as my best buddy's with a close relationship.


I have a personnel shop at home which is heaven. Anything I want to build I can, just get the material.


We live north of Dassel, Minn along highway 15.


Look forward in learning as much as I can about Gyros (and understand how they work and operate) and such. Have been to one meeting and it seems it is a great group of guys.




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