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Me in toy

Toy & Trailer



Paul Minear


Born in Minneapolis in 1963


Grew up in Coon Rapids, Minnesota (northern suburb of Minneapolis)


I am working as a Programmer for an insurance company






  • I began flying in general in the 1970ís. At the time, I didnít know about gyroís.
  • The first gyroplane I saw was Little Nelly in a James Bond movie then the one in the Mad Max movie. I finally saw one in person at Oshkosh in 2000. I have been to Mentone three times and still havenít been able to fly in one.
  • Last year at Mentone I met someone from Minnesota and he mentioned that there was someone trying to get a PRA Chapter going in Minnesota. I posted the question on the ďRotary Wing ForumĒ welcome page and two Minnesota Rotorcraft Club members responded and let me know about the next meeting.
  • FutureÖ
  • I wanted to get something different. Compared to fixed wing aircraft, there arenít many gyroplanes around and even less tractor gyros. Iím currently building a two place Little Wing (LW5). Iíve got the majority of the frame done, itís on the gear with the engine temporarily hanging in place. I still have a lot to do Ė exhaust, fuel system, electrical, gauges, fabric, paint, etcÖ


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